Fardin Heidari

Born 1996
Iran , Tehran


SEO and digital marketing skills

Complete mastery of on page and off page SEO

Implementation of email marketing campaigns and SMS marketing and social marketing

Budget management for selecting and launching advertising campaigns

Mastery of SEO tools for analysis
Identify the target market and deliver the plan

Master AdWords advertising and reporting and ways to make campaigns more effective

Optimize code to increase site speed

Adhere to coding principles to improve SEO

Seoder records of keywords

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Website design skills

Fluent in html, css, javascript, bootstrap, sass languages

Familiarity with react, php, jquery languages

Mastery of plesk, directAdmin, cpanel control panels

Full mastery of custom and custom design of WordPress and store templates dynamically

Create custom post types in the WordPress panel

Full mastery of WordPress application plugins

Redesign the site and transfer from any cms to WordPress without SEO loss